Stages of the LANAP® Protocol

The LANAP® protocol is a state of the art procedure that can help us save loose teeth that might otherwise have to be extracted. The steps of this procedure include:

  • Pocket depth measurement
  • Bacteria removal with the laser
  • Calculus removal
  • Clot creation
  • Gum tissue compression
  • Bite adjustment

Laser Gum Disease Surgery in Elyria & Westlake, OH

Laser Gum Disease Surgery in Elyria & Westlake, OH

A) Pocket depth measurement. This is the first step of the laser periodontitis treatment and involves using a probe to measure the depths of the spaces between the teeth and the gums. This tells us how much loss of attachment may have occurred from the infection.

B) Bacteria removal with the laser. Dr. Guirguis will pass a pulsed laser light over the infected tissue to kill bacteria that cause gum disease. The laser leaves healthy tissue intact and is a minimally invasive periodontitis treatment as a result.

C) Calculus removal. Calculus, or tartar, will be removed from the surfaces of the teeth using ultrasonic scalers.

D) Clot creation. The laser is passed over the infected areas a second time to stimulate the gum tissue and bone. It will create a sticky seal around the teeth and an optimal environment for healing.

E) Tissue compression. The tissues are recompressed against the surfaces of the teeth.

F) Bite adjustment. Dr. Guirguis will need to adjust the bite to make sure there are no problems that wear down the teeth. This is even more important in areas that may have some degree of bone loss.

If you are interested in learning more about laser periodontitis treatment in Westlake, OH, schedule your consultation with Dr. Guirguis today. We can discuss the benefits of the LANAP® protocol and prepare a treatment plan that will restore your oral health.

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