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Why Choose LANAP® Gum Disease Treatment?

Why Choose LANAP Gum Disease Treatment?

LANAP® laser treatment offers a number of benefits you just cannot enjoy with traditional gum surgery treatment, including:

  • 24 hour recovery time
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Long term success rate
  • Predictable results
  • Fast treatment time
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Decreased tooth sensitivity
  • Little to no gum recession

Traditional vs. Laser Gum Surgery in Elyria & Westlake, OH

If you have been diagnosed with gum disease and require surgery, make sure you understand the difference between traditional gum surgery and laser surgery. Traditional surgery requires using a scalpel so that the doctor can pull back the gum tissue and clean out the infected areas. In some cases, bone grafting and membrane materials are needed to restore the bone and gum tissue. Most patients benefit from an alternative to this type of gum disease treatment with the LANAP® laser protocol. This is a minimally invasive procedure that causes little to no gum recession and can be very effective for removing diseased tissue.

Key Differences Between Traditional and Laser Gum Disease Treatment

Traditional surgery can be uncomfortable and may involve some downtime. Laser gum disease treatment is a relatively low pain procedure.
Gum recession
Traditional surgery requires using a blade, which can affect the gum line. Laser gum disease treatment does not require incisions or sutures.
Healing time
LANAP® laser treatment boasts a fast healing time and is minimally invasive when compared with traditional surgery.
Long term results
The LANAP® protocol provides more predictable results than traditional gum surgery and can be very effective for regenerating the bone and reattaching the tissues. The laser stimulates the bone and may even help to save teeth!

Laser gum disease treatment is an innovative and effective solution for patients with gum disease. If you have periodontal disease, schedule your consultation with Dr. Guirguis in Elyria or Westlake, OH to find out if you are a candidate for LANAP® laser treatment.

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