Symptoms of Loose Teeth in Elyria, OH

Common signs and symptoms associated with loose teeth include:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Persistent tooth pain
  • Receding gums
  • Inflammation in the mouth
  • Pus buildup around the teeth
  • Food getting stuck between teeth

Treatment for Loose Teeth in Elyria & Westlake, OH

Treatment for Loose Teeth in Elyria & Westlake, OH

If you notice your teeth are starting to move or you have tooth pain, you may need treatment for gum disease. We take these symptoms seriously and will need to perform an oral evaluation to determine if you have periodontitis or other oral health problems. Gum disease and other oral health issues can cause inflammation of the tissues and loose teeth.

Causes of Loose and Shifting Teeth

The most common cause of loose or shifting teeth is gum disease. However, trauma and localized infection due to an endodontic problem could also result in tooth mobility. The early stages of gum disease can be treated relatively easily, which is why we encourage patients to seek treatment as soon as they notice that their teeth are shifting or becoming loose. If you have bad breath, loose teeth, or extensive tooth pain, you need to come in for a comprehensive oral evaluation as soon as possible. Dr. Guirguis may recommend one of several treatment options for gum disease, including: scaling and root planing therapy, laser periodontal treatment, and tooth extractions for teeth that cannot be saved.

Loose or shifting teeth are definitely a cause for concern. Seek treatment for shifting teeth as soon as possible by scheduling your appointment with Dr. Guirguis in Elyria, OH today!

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