Restoring Smiles in Young Adults

Many teens and young adults end up losing their teeth to an injury, tooth decay, or another reason and need to undergo a tooth replacement procedure. However, Dr. Eric Guirguis of Westlake, OH will often advise against replacing missing teeth with dental implants at this age because the jaw bone of a teenager has not yet finished growing. Placing a dental implant too early can cause jaw and oral health problems in adulthood.

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Tooth Implants in Elyria & Westlake, OH

Getting a Tooth Implant in Elyria or Westlake, OH

If you are a parent of a teenager who has a missing tooth, you may be concerned about having it replaced. The jaw bone is still growing throughout adolescence, so we do need to refrain from replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant during this timeframe. Dental implants do boast a very high success rate, but this tooth replacement procedure is too risky to perform on growing teens.

We understand that tooth loss can be very traumatic at any age, and that teens may be especially self-conscious about gaps in their smiles or having missing teeth. During your teen’s visit, Dr. Guirguis will take some time to communicate the medical reasons as to why undergoing a tooth replacement procedure with dental implants at a young age may not be a wise decision. Dental implants that are placed before the jaw bone has grown completely can move or cause damage to adjacent teeth. Over time, this can take away from the natural beauty and function of the smile.

Fortunately, there are alternative tooth replacement options in Westlake, OH available for teens with missing teeth. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Guirguis to learn more about tooth replacement options for your teen.

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