Patient Testimonials

I have been a patient of Dr. Guirguis' for well over 10 years and I have found him and his staff to be nothing less than highly professional, competent, courteous and friendly. He explains dental procedures in detail but in a way that is very easy to understand. He exhibits a sense of caring for his patients. When he put my implants in he called my home that evening to make sure I was doing okay. My implant procedure went so well with Dr. Guirguis that my husband decided to get implants after several years of putting it off. He is now very pleased with Dr. Guirguis and is a regular patient. I highly recommend Dr. Guirguis for all your dental needs.

Alyce H.

Dear Dr. Eric Guirguis,
Thank you for always being professional, courteous, and helpful. You always put my mind at ease and explain procedures simply and thoroughly. Thank you also to your helpful staff who make sure I get my appointments when I need them for supporting the work you do.
Thank you!

Madeline A.

I am retired and in my sixties. I seriously debated whether it made sense, at my age, to replace my bridges with implants. A friend had gone to Dr. Guirguis so she suggested I go.

I met with Dr. Guirguis and he was very kind and patient. Dr. Guirguis walked me through the entire process. I left feeling reassured and knowledgeable.

I decided to get the implants and it is the best decision I have ever made for my personal well being. When I look in the mirror I love the way I look. I smile more and I am not afraid to open my mouth wide. I feel confident and beautiful. When I eat it's like my own teeth, there's no food stuck under them. I have been on trips and had the embarrassment of my bridge breaking. With the implants, I don't have to worry about that. When I brush my teeth I feel like I have better hygiene than with the bridges. Plus, I love hearing people say "you have a beautiful smile and your teeth are so beautiful."

Dr. Guirguis is a perfectionist. He takes great pride in how the implants look and the comfort of his patients. I told Dr. Guirguis I was afraid of needles and I had had some bad experiences with pain. Dr. Guirguis was so kind and patient, I never felt any pain and I was totally at ease during the entire process.

Dr. Guirguis' entire staff is very helpful and accommodating.

I wish I had met Dr. Guirguis years ago, but I love being a beautiful Grammy.

Edyle W.

I am very pleased with the outcome of my surgery and dental treatment. I would highly recommend the doctor and his staff, all were considerate and very personable.
Thank you!

Charlene W.

After years of neglect I needed some serious gum surgery. Dr. Guirguis performed what I needed and the results are outstanding. I am completely satisfied. When it comes to your gums, Dr. "G" is the man to see.

John T.

Dr. Guirguis was recommended to us (my husband and I) by our family dentist. We found Dr. Guirguis to be a kind, caring person; and, very thorough in his exams, evaluations, and recommendations for the various treatment options available for our unique circumstances. The choice, however, was clearly ours. We are both pleased with the final results; but, must admit that God's product works best! Dr. Guirguis surrounds himself with a very caring and efficient staff who contributed greatly to making our visits pleasant.

Aubrey and Walt M.

Westlake Center Ridge

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